6-year-old theologian in the house

I swear, there are times when my kids say things that blow me away.  Take this recent exchange between Matthew and me.

Matthew: How come Jesus’ birthday isn’t on Easter?

Me, folding laundry and distracted: What?

Matthew: How come Jesus’ birthday isn’t on Easter?

Me: Because his birthday is on Christmas.  The days celebrate two different things. Christmas is the day when Jesus was born.  Easter is the day that Jesus rose from the dead.

Matthew: I think we should celebrate his birthday on Easter.

Me:  Why?

Matthew: Because that’s the day he was alive.

At this point, I put the laundry down and simply looked at him.  I realized there was something so simple yet so profound about his words.  

The lesson I learned: Never underestimate a kindergartener’s ability to grasp the big ideas of faith.  Sometimes, I think they understand them better than we do.

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