A Call to Pray-ers

Okay, so I need some help.

I’ve decided that one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year will be to pray more.   Forget the annual “I resolve to lose more weight” January 1st pipe dream.  This year, it’s my spiritual self I want to get into shape.

My current prayer routine (can I even call it that?) needs some reworking.  To use an exercise term: I’ve plateaued.  Too often, the praying I do is in a day is limited to 1) grace before meals, 2) a quick list of intentions before bed, and 3) random moments of thinking about God as I go about the other tasks on my mom/wife/writer/teacher plate.  I’m not saying this makes me a bad person, just a busy one.

But hey — I have to be honest here — if I can find time to visit Ebay to look at vintage tablecloths, I can sure as heck can find time to do more intentional praying.  I just need to figure out what kind of praying works best for me.

So here’s my current plan.  For 2009, I resolve to try a new kind of prayer each month.  The structure of that appeals to me; it gives me a chance to build my spiritual toolbox without having to commit to a form of prayer that may not, in the end, work for me.  I figure I can do anything for a month.

I’m starting with the rosary, which I’ve never done on a daily basis.  January is thus covered.  But I need more suggestions — eleven, to be precise.

So please share below … what are the forms of prayer that work for you?  That have worked in the past?  The ones you’ve always wanted to try?  This can be structured prayer (like the rosary), or other informal ways that you engage with God.   Everything is on the table: mantras you repeat, books you read, activities you do that feed your spiritual self.  Even if you think it seems simple or obvious,  please share.  It won’t be simple or obvious to me.

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