Eleven years ago today

That’s how long it has been since this very fabulous day, when this very fabulous guy and I tied the knot.


As my friend Trish put it last weekend, affecting a British accent and pretending to smoke, “This one goes to eleven.”   And beyond.

7 Responses to Eleven years ago today

  1. Bob & Joan

    We remember that day and the memories that followed.

  2. Thanks, Bob! It was fun to look through the photo album again yesterday and reminisce. More of that on tap for today, too.

  3. Chris Lowenstein

    Happy anniversary! May your marriage go much, much higher than “eleven”. 🙂

  4. Linda Kubitz

    Oh, what a wonderfully happy day!! And you and Scott were the reason . . . your absolute joy (which can easily be seen in the photo you selected for this blog post) permeated the celebration, filling all of your family and friends with your great joy!! Happy # 11!!
    Love, loads, Dad and Mom

  5. Late to this, but full of anniversary wishes and prayers! And it goes to 11! I love the reference!!!

  6. Happy anniversary! We are a day apart – I just blogged with anniversary on the brain, too! Hope you had a wonderful celebration, and yeah, crank it up to 11 this year for SURE. 🙂

  7. Such a great day and such a joyous moment when you both came “bouncing” into the reception room to that lively tune and to a great response from all present. Some things just feel “right” at the time, and, indeed, time has validated the feeling we all had that day. Congratulations…and many happy years to come!
    Love, Dad