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I love flowers … especially when they come from a six-year-old.

I hate ants, so why am I feeding them?  Oh, right!  It’s because my son got  an ant farm for Christmas.

An evening of wiping up vomit turns into a chance to reflect on the lessons of September.

Here are my theories as to why women love period dramas.

On a gray winter’s day, Mom’s Fantasy Football League was born.

Elizabeth and Darcy: They wear #200 very, very well.

Here are a few thoughts on what it means to touch Mary.

“This is my body” has never been so meaningful.

Splish, Splash … in which I talk about the fabulous Christmas present that it took me more than eight months to use.

Click here to learn  about Twelve things I never did prior to having children.

The Last Time I Saw Paris is my little valentine to a city I used to call home.

When you are a parent, there is nothing quite like The Do-over.