A highly dangerous website

Oh dear dear dear.

An overworked English teacher/mom with way too much to do should NEVER stumble upon  Jane Eyre Illustrated.  It’s especially hazardous when she is currently teaching Jane Eyre, and is making a Powerpoint presentation for an upcoming lesson plan, and now has all these fabulous pictures to look at and drool over and maybe, if her students are really lucky, add to the slides.

Like, say this lovely image by C. E. Brock (as you may know, he’s one of my favorite illustrators):


If that is too boring for you, there’s the cover of this vintage paperback edition:


I think that thumping sound is Charlotte Brontë turning over in her grave.

Anyhow, it’s my new favorite site.    I hereby give it the Time Suck of the Week award … which, oddly enough, is actually a compliment.

Check it out.  If you dare.

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