A convenient truth

Sometimes I dream about getting an advanced degree in theology.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to spend so much time studying and discussing and dissecting my faith?

Of course, as a mom who has two small kids and also works outside the home, I’m about as likely to go back to school as I am to win the Miss Universe pageant.  So that little fantasy will have to be put on ice for a while.

Then last month, I attended a dinner honoring three priests in our diocese for the great work they’ve done in ministry.  One of them — a priest who looked to be in his seventies  — talked about his years in the seminary, and the four years of theology classes that he was required to take.

“When we were seminarians,” he said,  “they used to say that if you finish those four years of theology class and you have even half  the faith that your mother has, you’re doing okay.”

I love it.

 William Dyce, The Virgin and Child

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