A [partial] Christmas alphabet

A is for Advent calendar, which helped the boys count down until the big day.  It reminds me of the ones my grandmother used to buy for me, covered in glitter and made in West Germany (that reference sure dates me, doesn’t it?).

C is for church, which is beautiful year-round, but especially on Christmas Eve.  The Mass was gorgeous (even when you spend fifty percent of it in the vestibule with a wild two-year-old).

M is for Mouse. I had this figurine when I was a kid and he always gets a special spot on the shelf.

N is for nostalgia, which I always feel when I see this Santa and the Missus on display at my parents’ house.  Mom has had them about as long as I’ve been alive (longer?).  I love their retro adorableness.

S is for spumoni, our Christmas Eve treat.  I decided to put it in the goblets we got for our wedding (and which, frankly, we never use) and boy, did it look pretty.  (If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, go to Romolo’s for homemade spumoni and cannoli.  Trust me: it’s worth the drive.)

S is also for Santa, who got a cookie especially chosen [and decorated] by Matthew.

T is for toys, which Santa lovingly chose and unwrapped and put out for the boys to find.   There was much excitement on Christmas morning.

ZZZZZZzzz is for what Mommy and Daddy did once all the excitement was over.  It was an exhausting, exhilarating,  glorious two days.

Merry Christmas to you and yours …

… and Joy to the World … the Lord is come!

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