A question to ponder

Why is it that I never have a pen in my purse … but I always seem to have a Matchbox car?

Or two?

3 responses to “A question to ponder

  1. My question is how I stumbled across your blog yesterday. Today I can’t remember. Anyway I am happy to have rss’ed your blog,

  2. If only matchbox cars came with a “hidden pen”…but then again that would cause some significant problems!!! I can relate, though, and unfortunately I don’t think it gets any better as they get older!! Have a great weekend and God Bless! Michelle

  3. Hey Owen — I ‘m glad you stumbled across my blog, too! Thanks for the nice comment. 🙂

    Michelle, I LOVE the pen idea. If they came with some secret “mom code” that could active and deactivate the pen part at will … that would be awesome. It sounds very James Bond, doesn’t it?

    Happy weekend to you too!