A Teaching Mom’s Life, By The Numbers

Number of student journals graded today: 10

Number of journals graded in last three days: 34

Number of journals left to grade before Tuesday: 18

Approximate amount of time it takes to grade each one: 15 minutes if no interruptions (ha, ha).

Total amount of time spent grading journals the last few days: Not going there.

Number of final book projects left to grade before Tuesday: 35.

Number of times in the last four days that I’ve cursed the fact that I am an English teacher and wished to be a P.E. teacher, even though I don’t know a quarterback from a wide receiver: Really not going there.

Number of snarky but totally accurate comments made by husband when I said I should have become a P.E. teacher: 1 (but it was a whopper)

Number of times younger son has thrown up since 7:45 this morning: 4 (or maybe 3.5; not sure if the last one was a spitup or a throwup.   That is a fine judgment call.)

Number of baths younger son has had today: 3.  So far.

Number of days this stomach flu lasts, according to doctor: 1-3.  Can be more if you include diarrhea.

Number of times I have been thankful for presence of husband today, snarky comment and all: Too many to count.

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