A writer’s retreat right where you are

Online Writing Retreat

If you are a writer, or if you’ve ever found yourself thinking “Gee, I really should do some writing someday,” here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.
Starting Monday, September 30th, author and editor Vinita Hampton Wright is doing a free online writing retreat on her blog Days of Deepening Friendship.  Every day she’ll have writing prompts, thought-provoking readings, and short prayers to get you going.    (She’s already got some “pre-retreat” posts that are worth a look, including a collection of helpful quotations about spiritual writing.)

I  was lucky enough to have Vinita  edit my latest book, and I’ve read several of her own books, and I regard her as a real spiritual writing rockstar.   (She’s every bit as wise and wonderful  in real life, too, as I discovered at last year’s LA Congress.)   I can’t think of a better person to create an online space where people can explore their gifts.

See you on retreat!

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