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Lilacs make me happy (you too?)

Lilacs make me happy (you too?)

Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Ginny Kubitz Moyer, author of Random MOMents of Grace: Experiencing God in the Adventures of Motherhood  and  Mary and Me: Catholic Women Reflect on the Mother of God.   I’m also an English  teacher and a mother to two young boys.

My spiritual life has changed dramatically since having kids; I have less time than ever to meditate, but more than ever to meditate on (yes, even English teachers occasionally end with a preposition).   But if parenthood has taught me anything, it’s taught me that I don’t have to have silence and solitude to find God.  If I work on being mindful, I can recognize God in this toy-strewn house, in the lunchboxes I pack and the bedtime stories I read, in all the random little moments that make up the life of a mom.   This blog is a chance to share some of those moments of recognition, hopefully with a little humor as well.

As you’ll see, I also veer into other topics, like nerdy odes to Jane Austen and shameless flaunting of my roses.  (To be honest, they don’t all look as good as the ones you’ll see here.  I don’t take pictures of the ones with the aphids.)

And if you want to contact me?  Email  me at ginny@randomactsofmomness.com.

Me, in a nutshell

 My favorite way to pray: Any way I can.

My favorite flower: Lilacs.  Also roses.  Okay, pretty  much any flower.

My favorite way to spend an evening alone: Watching any BBC drama that features women in bonnets.

The kids’ book that I think every child should read: Andrew Henry’s Meadow. Also Pickle-Chiffon Pie.

Where I’m from: the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

A place I’d love to see again: Paris.

My personal theme song: I’m a Catholic girl named Virginia.  Of course it’s going to be this.

My favorite name for Mary : Don’t make me pick.
Okay: Star of the Sea.

Someone I’ve never met who has profoundly shaped my spiritual life: Father Mychal Judge.

Someone I have met who has profoundly shaped my spiritual life:  my friend Mary.

Two things I’d like in life, besides world peace: More free time, and a second bathroom.


7 responses to “About Me

  1. RE: May 10th, 2004
    Strong role model or impossible standard
    Women share their thoughts on Mary
    by Ginny Kubitz Moyer

    Good Morning Ginny,
    Can you please provide the artist’s name for the Mary picture referenced in the Busted Halo article. It is a very beautiful representation. I have searched the internet without any success. Thank you for any help you can provide. God Bless, Chris Adams

  2. I absolutely love the main photo on your blog! I immediately recognized Mary from the Little People Christmas Story set in some kind of car. Reminds me of how my 13 month old son tried to give the Baby Jesus a ride on his train on Christmas morning.

  3. Hi Chris — Thanks for your question. I just wrote you an email regarding your question, so check your inbox (or junk box, if you have an aggressive filter like I do!).

    Helen, I love that you recognized the toy! Your son and mine sound like kindred spirits. My boys (four and two) are always moving the Little People to all kinds of strange places. Thus far, I’ve managed to keep all members of the Holy Family out of the bathtub, but it hasn’t been easy.

  4. How…wild. I came across your name by accident, sort of. My (late) mother’s name was Virginia Marie (Kubicki) Moyer. Prayed often to Mary, a Mary-phile if there ever was one, and a “lapsed” Catholic although returned to the faith before she died. & kids, of whch I am one. Thanks for your blog. Can’t wait to read about all things Mary!

  5. NimO, that is totally wild! What an uncanny similarity between our names … and the fact that your mom was also a Mary fan … I love it. Thanks for the anecdote. I’m so glad you found my blog!

  6. Over the weekend, I went to a retreat at Malvern, in Pennsylvania. While there a Deacon gave me a set or green rosaries, which I took home to my (6) year old Grand daughter, who is a Eagles fan, I told her about the rosary and about the different prayers that she is now learning. She put it around her neck and went down stairs to show her Mother.Her Mon came up with the rosaries in her hand and told me that her teacher in grade school took a set of rosaries of of her friends neck and told them that they were not allowed to wear them.
    i was caught by surprise and told her that she was wrong, but, could not explain why.
    I emailed y good friend, who was the Deacon, who gave me the rosary. He tld me that she was wrong and this cold be worn and then sent me a copy of you article
    Thank you Ginny Kubitz Moyer for your explanation..

  7. Thank you, Jerry! I’m glad it was helpful.

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