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tasteandseeTaste and See: Experiencing the Goodness of God with Our Five Senses is a celebration of God’s language of the senses.  From the back of the book:

Most Catholics are quite comfortable with the idea of encountering God with hearts and minds. Using the heart or brain to “sense” God’s presence doesn’t feel like a stretch. But the notion of finding God with our five senses—sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste—could seem strange indeed. In fact, it might even seem worldly or downright wrong.

In Taste and See, Ginny Kubitz Moyer beautifully counters this common misunderstanding. Using personal stories, anecdotes, and Scripture, she demonstrates how the five senses are a powerful, biblically based means for us to encounter God, not only as we practice our faith but also as we participate in the “messy splendor” of daily life.

Each sense is allotted five chapters, each of which highlights a different experience of that sense. Every chapter concludes with Ignatian Examen-inspired prayer steps that encourage us to recognize and reflect upon God’s presence and goodness in the physical world.

From roses to the rosary, from candle smoke to Communion wine, Taste and See helps readers truly find God in all things—from the mundane to the sublime.


3840_RandomMOMentsofGrace1-258x400Random MOMents of Grace: Experiencing God in the Adventures of Motherhood  celebrates the intersection of motherhood and the spiritual life.  From the back cover:

Before Ginny Kubitz Moyer became a mother, she spent a lot of quiet time with God. But the moment she became a mom, those deeply meaningful times of serenity all but disappeared, raising a critical question: How do you maintain an active spirituality when your life is consumed by the nonstop mayhem of motherhood?

In Random MOMents of Grace, Moyer helps mothers realize that their spiritual lives don’t have to stagnate even though most of their time is now spent in a world of playdates and playgrounds. In fact, Moyer contends that all that wiping of noses and reading of bedtime stories can lead to some pretty amazing spiritual growth.

For any mom wondering if it’s possible to be fully engaged in the lives of her children without sacrificing her spirituality,Random MOMents of Grace offers a definitive “yes” as it shows moms how to see God’s grace at work in even the silliest, messiest, and most frustrating moments of motherhood.

 “Moyer writes with the voice of experience and the insight of appreciating what she has. She doesn’t sugarcoat things and yet she taps into the beauty of motherhood. She’s sappy without being sickening, funny without being overbearing, wise without being unreachable.”
– Sarah Reinhard, Snoring Scholar.com

“The mystic Meister Eckhart said ‘we are all meant to be mothers of God.’  You don’t need to be a mother of children to benefit from the spiritual wisdom in Random Moments of Grace.  Female or male, married or single, you will learn to birth love moment by moment, and bless the world with gratitude.  I love this book, and so will you.”  – Michael Leach, author of Why Stay Catholic? 

“In this, her second book, Moyer explains how she tries to parent with mindfulness, paying attention to the deeper meaning of everyday experiences, from blowing bubbles on the front lawn to letting out an expletive after stepping on a plastic dinosaur on the floor. Moyer is neither overly saccharine nor holier-than-thou, and her heartfelt stories will resonate without inviting self-critical comparison. Her insights are simple yet profound.” — Heidi Schlumpf, National Catholic Reporter

Random MOMents of Grace is available at the Loyola Press website, on BarnesandNoble.com, and on Amazon.com.

Reading Guide for Reflection and Discussion

Random MOMents of Grace is perfect for book clubs and moms’ groups!  Print out the RandomMOMents Questions reading guide to enhance your discussion.



Daily Inspiration for Women: Seasons of a Woman’s Life  is a daily devotional for women of all ages and stages.  Arranged by season and written by four women — Ginny Kubitz Moyer (Spring), Jessica Mesman Griffith (Summer), Vinita Hampton Wright (Fall) , and Margaret Silf  (Winter) — it offers a short, relevant reflection for every day of the year.




Daily Inspiration for Women is available at the Loyola Press website, through Barnes and Noble.com, and through Amazon.com.


maryandmecover-main-194x300Mary and Me: Catholic Women Reflect on the Mother of God shares the stories of forty-six women, from their twenties to their nineties. They are laywomen and religious sisters, cradle Catholics and converts; they are single, married, and widowed, teachers and lawyers and musicians, mothers and grandmothers. All of them share their candid thoughts on Mary, reflecting on the often-surprising ways that she speaks to their lives. Woven with commentary and scripture references, Mary and Me offers a fresh, compelling look at the depth and breadth of Mary’s influence on women today.

Mary and Me is available through BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com, and in bookstores near you.

Winner of a 2009 Catholic Press Association Award


“This is a quintessential women’s-book that men should read, too … Because the author has been on her own spiritual journey, her exploration of women’s relationships with the Blessed Virgin Mary is a thoughtful, even complex piece.  Moyer avoids the overtly sentimental discussions that mar some books on Mary.  Instead, she offers a down-to-earth exploration of the Virgin Mary that is grounded in women’s experiences of her and in their experiences of life, with the range of joy and happiness to suffering and sorrow … This book is written for anyone interested in how the Virgin Mary appeals to many people and how she responds in so many ways.  It is also written for those who are not necessarily seeking a connection to Mary, but who are living through transitions and seeking the path for their lives.”

Darleen Pryds, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Spirituality
Franciscan School of Theology, Berkeley, California


“The strength of Mary and Me is that it is devoid of the usual saccharine images of Mary that are often found in books that focus on the mother of Jesus … Moyer focuses on Mary’s complexity and it is in looking at the many faces of Mary that Moyer uncovers a mother that indeed can connect with one and all …. a first-rate book that will have you hunting for Mary in your own life.”

Mike Hayes
Author, Googling God
Managing Editor, BustedHalo.com
Read Mike’s entire review on BustedHalo.com


“Moyer takes us on a journey of the heart.  We are invited to reflect on our own experience of Mary — the woman of a thousand faces and a thousand titles — whose influence is at once universal and deeply personal.”

Denise Roy
Author, My Monastery is a Minivan and Momfulness


Reading Group Questions

Mary and Me is a great choice for book clubs!  Below is a PDF file of reflection questions to enhance your discussion.  They’re also helpful for individual prayer and journaling.

Mary Book Questions