Acquired tastes

Matthew had his first asparagus the other night.  He saw Scott and I eating it and wanted a taste, so I gave him a spear.  I should have given him a tutorial on how to eat it, too; he ended up biting into the wide part of the stalk, which, as you know, is the toughest part.  After some vigorous chewing, the stalk turned  into a string pulpy mess. He handed it to me and rendered verdict.

“That’s a weird food,” he said.

Luke also reached for a piece, so I gave him a few bits of the fringy part at the top.  He put them into his mouth eagerly enough, then promptly spit them out, giving me a look of aggrieved accusation.  And I thought you were on my side, his face seemed to say.

I guess Scott and I won’t have to share our asparagus again for quite a while.

And it got me thinking about all the foods I used to find disgusting, that I now love: asparagus (the boys come by it honestly!), lasagna, spinach, chocolate mints (seriously, I used to hate them), and those old standbys like coffee and also wine, which my dad let me sip once as a kid and which turned me into a staunch temperance advocate until I was about twenty (there’s nothing like studying in France to adjust your attitude about red wine).  So I hold out hope that one day, my boys will indeed be able to eat asparagus with gusto.

But until that happens, I’ll be only too happy to eat it for them.

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