And the Oscar for most romantic scene goes to …

So last Sunday, I was watching the second installment of Emma on Masterpiece Theatre.  And oh, it got to the ball scene, where Emma and Knightley are dancing — and falling in love without even being aware of it themselves — and man oh man, it was the most romantic thing I have seen in years.  The smiles, the glances, the little movements as they wove their way through those intricate Regency dance moves — I swear, it made me feel butterflies on their behalf. “Honey, do you remember when we were newly in love like that?”  I asked my husband, who was sitting a few feet away in our toy-strewn living room, working on his laptop.   He looked up briefly and smiled.  Yes, we do remember, even though that part of our history lies beneath nine years and many layers of accumulated experiences.  Every now and then, we can still tap into that giddy feeling: like, say, when a movie scene reminds you of how much you love your own Mr. Knightley.  Zowie.

And it got me wondering: what do you think is the most romantic movie scene ever  (or one of the most romantic scenes ever, if it’s too hard to choose)?   Is there a movie that makes you get all giddy and smiley and weak in the knees? Comment away!  I can’t wait to read your thoughts!

7 responses to “And the Oscar for most romantic scene goes to …

  1. I love the scene in sleepless in seattle at the empire state building. also love the scene in “When harry met sally” where harry is telling sally that he loves all these things about her, like when she gets that little wrinkles between her nose.

  2. Gardenia, I love that scene in “Harry and Sally” too … it’s so great when Harry finally gets clarity with his feelings and has the courage to tell her. Love that New Year’s Eve run through New York City! …

    Oh, and I think I may be the only woman in America who has never seen “Sleepless in Seattle.” Seriously. I’m clearly missing something good!

  3. I had to follow your link from Faith and Family to mention the scene at the very end of North and South. If you’ve never seen the movie, you must! I hate to spoil the ending by linking to the scene, but if you’ve seen it and need a reminder….

  4. I love this scene from Pride and Prejudice–the new version with Kira Knightley– here’s a you tube collage of the romantic moments–my favorite is at the end where Darcy says after walking across the foggy dawn field to meet her” You have bewitched me body and sould and I love, love ,love you…”

  5. Molly, I know exactly which scene you are talking about … and it is a romantic’s dream! I saw “North and South” a few years ago and the ending totally made me melt. It is ridiculously beautiful. In fact, my hubby gave me the Elizabeth Gaskell collection of DVDs for Christmas, so I am going to watch it again sometime soon (whenever I can find six free hours, that is. ) 🙂

    Janelle, I’m with you on the P and P scene. *Sigh*. A few of my friends thought that the Darcy-striding-across-the-foggy-field thing was too cheesy, but I thought it was fabulous. Isn’t that really every woman’s dream?

  6. I agree wholheartedly about North and South! That was the best scene because the characters had gone through such a transformation from being attracted even though they were antagonistic towards each other, to feeling such anger and betrayal, to forgiveness, and then the obstacles finally clear and their feelings of love can finally emerge. Sigh! 🙂

  7. So true, Lucy … it’s kind of like the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth in “P and P,” only more intense. I think it’s always most meaningful when the characters have to go through some kind of personal transformation before finding love. (Maybe that’s why I am enjoying “Emma” so much?).

    Speaking of “North and South,” what else has Richard Armitage been in? He was so great in that role and I have hardly seen him since. Perhaps he’s doing lots of work in England and it just hasn’t made its way across the pond yet.