My buddy Sarah Reinhard over at Snoring Scholar has been running a fabulous series lately: it’s a series of guest-posts, each one a reflection on a different word of the “Hail Mary.”   And she’s running reflections on all of the words … even the prepositions, the conjunctions, and the articles.

A few months back, when she asked various bloggers if we’d like to participate, I practically fell out of my seat waving my hand.   This is exactly the kind of writing challenge I love.

My assigned word?   “And.”   At first I was thinking I’d have more fun with a word like “grace” or “blessed,” but guess what?  There’s actually a lot to say about “and” and Mary.   You can read all about it here.

(By the way, Sarah’s book Catholic Family Fun is hot off the presses, and it’s great.  Review coming soon!)

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