Another op’nin’, another show — plus prayer request

This morning, on the commute, I put on the soundtrack to  the Cole Porter musical “Kiss Me, Kate.” As I trundled along, getting myself psyched for Day One of a new year, it occurred to me that the first song on the soundtrack was pretty much THE PERFECT song for a teacher on the first day of school.

The overture is about to start
You cross your fingers and hold your heart
It’s curtain time and away we go
Another op’nin of another show!

If you don’t know the song, here it is, sung by the Muppets.  I do not know if they have had any formal vocal training, but they do a darn good job.

And now for a rapid change of tone: could I ask for a few prayers for my grandmother?  She tripped and fell this morning and broke several bones in her ankle.  Surgery went well, but it will be several weeks before she is back on her feet.  She is a plucky lady who has given so much — SO much, way more than I can say here — to her family over the years. She never asks for anything for herself, so I’m going to ask on her behalf.  If you can ping a  prayer up to heaven for her, I’d be so grateful.   Thanks.

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