Another perspective on the rosary

I have an interesting relationship with the rosary.  It’s not my usual form of prayer, and I don’t do it very often; I tend to save it more for when I’m in crisis mode. In those moments, it always comes through and pulls me out of my fear/anxiety/general icks.

That said, I was just reading a great article from Commonweal Magazine, in which a baby boomer and cradle Catholic talks about how he came back to the rosary as an adult.  He now prays it a couple of times a day.  It’s a terrific article and very worth a read.   If you’re new to the rosary, it might make you want to try it yourself.   If the rosary is already a part of your prayer life, this article will probably make you see it in a new light.  It’s no accident that this form of prayer has stuck around as long as it has … and it’s probably no accident that lots of us keep circling back to it in the end.

UPDATE: Rats!  Looks like the link above only works for subscribers.  But I guess you can still read my article … 🙂

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