But I Don’t Wanna Be a Pirate!

So today I went to the mall in search of an Easter outfit for Matthew.  (Lukey is pretty much covered; he gets to wear the outfit that Matthew outgrew two years ago.  That’s the plus side of having two kids of the same gender so close in age.)   And as I wandered from store to store, looking at racks of clothes for the under-three set, I  was once again confronted with a basic, elemental, inarguable truth:

It is way more fun to shop for little girls than for little boys.

If I had a little girl, I’d have no problem finding something for her to wear on Sunday.  There were cute little eyelet sundresses.  There were party frocks with big bows and petticoats to make them stick out adorably.  They were all pink and green and yellow and precious.  My only problem would be how to choose.

But I’m telling you, the pickings for children of the male persuasion are not so hot.  It was great when Matthew was a baby, and he could wear charming little overall shorts with pictures of doggies or happy giraffes on the front.  But when a boy hits two or so, the cute factor disappears, and suddenly everything gets all edgy and wannabe cool.  You know, black shirts with skateboarding logos on them, or slogans like DON’T MESS WITH THE MAN.  At two different stores, I saw 2T shirts for boys printed with a skull and crossbones (Why? Why???).  That’s fine if you want your kid to look like a pirate flag or a poison label.  I just don’t happen to find pirates or poison very, you know, Easter-y.  (One could, I suppose, make a case for wearing the skull shirt on Good Friday; it’s rather Golgotha, in its own way.)

Anyhow, at the last minute The Children’s Place came through for me.   I managed to find a trim dark blue polo shirt, a snappy little argyle golf vest, and a pair of tan chinos.  All were on sale, too, which makes them even more adorable.  And I know Matthew will look cute in anything.  But I still maintain that mothers of girls have it all over mothers of boys when it comes to shopping.

Because yes, this is very cute.

But this is waaaaaayyyy cuter.

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