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Getting “the call”

So the bishop’s phone rings.  On the other end is a person in his diocese,  claiming to have had an apparition of the Virgin Mary.

How does the bishop respond?

Read my latest BustedHalo answer and find out !


It’s after Labor Day, but …

… it’s still a good time to ask the question: Did Mary have labor pains?

You can check out my answer here, at the BustedHalo Question Box.  And if you have a question about any Catholic topic — Marian or not — pitch it on the website!  BH promises an answer to every question, even if it’s one  you feel silly about asking.  (And you know, of course, that there are no dumb questions when it comes to faith.  One of the biggest reasons that I’m no longer a lapsed Catholic is because people listened, seriously and non-judgmentally, to the emotionally charged questions I plunked in front of them).  So ask away!


The Nativity by an Unknown Austrian Master, c. 1400

Yes … or no?


For centuries, artists have celebrated the fact that Mary said yes to God.   Take, for example, this great image by Botticelli, showing her during this big moment of decision.  I think we can all agree that her “yes” has totally transformed the world.

But what if she had said no?

That’s the subject of this week’s Question  Box question on BustedHalo: “Would we have a Savior if  Mary had not consented to God’s proposal?”   You can read my take on it here.

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About apparitions

Another week, another Mary question on!  This one is about apparitions: “Why does Mary appear in certain places like Guadalupe and Lourdes?”

I wish we could get the answer directly from the BVM herself.  But since we can’t, I gave it my best shot.

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