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Thankfulness X 3 — “Manic Monday” edition

Let me start by saying that I feel anything but thankful right now.   I feel wiped out, beaten down, and in need of a massage, a week’s vacation, a tub full of Calgon bubbles, and a live-in maid.

Yes, it has been one of those days.  The evening really capped it, with virulent diaper rash and a vomiting episode in the highchair.  Alas, my backup (otherwise known as my husband) had a late meeting, so I was on my own.   That’s normally not a problem, but having to transfer one puke-covered toddler to the bath while trying to keep his older brother out of the mess is,  all experts will agree, a job best handled by two.

But they are both in bed now, hopefully sleeping, and I am sitting here thinking that a bit of gratitude is probably just what I need right about now.

So without further ado:

33-1215541886rCJz1.  I am thankful for my sons. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t have to make a point of saying this.  In fact, I am grateful for their presence in my lives on a pretty constant basis.  But I’m only human, so there are lapses — like tonight, after the Big Hurl, when I had a moment’s wistful longing for the life I used to have, one that did not involve trying to peel the cover off of the highchair without getting vomit all over my clothing.  But, thankfully, that feeling is not the norm.  In truth, I have no idea what I did to deserve these two amazing little creatures.  I’m phenomenally lucky to be their mommy.

2.  I’m thankful that the highchair cover is machine washable. (Very, VERY thankful.)

3. I’m grateful that Wednesday is a holiday. (Huzzah!).  Even though a mid-week holiday feels odd, I won’t sneeze at it.  And yes, I will be spending a large part of that day plowing through stacks of grading, but you know what?  I don’t have to set the alarm that day.  That makes it all worth it.

Big sigh.  Nice cup of tea.  The evening is good again.

Gratitude always helps, doesn’t it?

Thankfulness X 3 — “Pass the Kleenex” edition

I have my first cold of the fall.  It’s a real rotter, too: my ears are plugged, I feel like there are lead weights strapped to my limbs, and I can barely taste the decaf tea I just brewed.  The sad thing is, I’m actually MUCH better now than I was a day ago. That is something to be thankful for.

So, without further ado:004-Fifine-q75-445x500

1.  I am thankful that –  being neither pregnant NOR nursing –  I can take Day-quil, Ny-quil, huge quantities of Vitamin C, and all sorts of other things to try to get past this nightmare as quickly as possible. During my last cold, I could not take anything for fear that it might affect Lukey.  But there are no limitations now, baby!  Crack open the zinc lozenges!  Let’s go crazy!

2.  I am thankful that this cold hit on a three-day-weekend, and that I have (HOPEFULLY!  FINGERS CROSSED, KNOCKING ON WOOD!) gotten over the worst of it before returning to school. Actually, I’m still not entirely sure I’ll be in fine teaching trim tomorrow; I’ll have to see how I’m doing when the alarm goes off.  But I am hoping I’m over the hump, so to speak, and can proceed to delight and engage teenage minds tomorrow as planned.

3.  I’m so grateful that my husband, who came down with the cold the same time I did (Saturday evening; 9: 40 ish)  is feeling better than I am. He starts RCIA tomorrow and needs his strength.  Plus he was able to look after the tykes today while I took a much-needed noontime nap.  All good stuff.

Okay, I know it’s “Thankfulness X 3,” but I’m going to throw in #4 …

4.  I’m thankful that tomorrow, September 8, is Mary’s birthday! Hurrah!  Because I’m in a Dayquil fog, I won’t write anything about the feast day here, but I will kindly draw your attention to last year’s birthday thoughts, if you’re interested.  Oh, and don’t forget that the Mary and Me giveaway closes tomorrow night!

Thankfulness X 3 — “Is it Friday yet?” Edition

Summer is over and I am back at work with a vengeance.  And with coffee.  My success at weathering this transition is owed  entirely to Peet’s Sumatra, tempered with half-and-half.  I drink it greedily on the commute, and then curse it midway through my first class, when the restroom calls and I cannot answer.  Such is the life of a teacher.

So yes, it’s hard to get back into the work routine.  That makes it important to reflect on some blessings.

1.  I’m grateful for the time-honored game of peek-a-boo. My baby figured out how it works a few 004-Fifine-q75-445x500weeks ago and it never fails to make him laugh.  Me neither.

2.  I’m thankful for hot days that turn into mild perfect evenings.  I was outside watering at dusk and the temperature was just right.  It was tranquil and lovely, as if Nature herself were winding down for the night.

3. I’m thankful that our public library has so many CDs of Broadway musicals. Currently in my car: Kiss Me, Kate, Guys and Dolls, and the recent revival of The Pajama Game.  They’re perfect commute music  because they are just so darn singable. When I’m propped up by nothing more than coffee and willpower, it is great to have some catchy perky music to help me get excited about the day.  So thank you, public library!  I owe you one.


Thankfulness X 3 — “Back to School” Edition

You remember that feeling you used to get around the end of August, when you could count the number of remaining vacation days on one hand?  You remember it, right? — that sinking-in-the-stomach feeling as you realized that time was moving you, relentlessly and mercilessly, toward the start of  another school year?

Well, teachers feel that way, too.  This one does, at least.

So it’s a good opportunity to rip off three things that I am thankful for.

1) I’m thankful to have a job that I do, in fact, like. Teaching English is  many things, but it is absolutely 004-Fifine-q75-445x500never boring.   And can you think of another job where you get paid to read and talk about books that you love?

2) I’m grateful for the summer that I’ve had with my boys.  Since June, I’ve seen Lukey learn to navigate his way confidently around the room, holding onto the furniture; I’ve seen Matthew become a bubble-blowing junkie who talks a blue streak; I’ve had wild family adventures at the library, in the air, and in the semi-wilderness.  Good times (except for that library one, maybe).

3) I’m thankful for my fabulous colleagues: for the in-jokes, the inspiration, the department potlucks, and that cozy “Cheers” feeling … you know, that sense of being where everybody knows your name, and is always glad you came.

Good stuff.

Thankfulness X 3

I’ve been wanting to create a “regular feature” on this blog.  Nothing huge; just a little writing “template,” if you will, that I revisit each week.  And so I thought of creating one called Thankfulness X 3.

I’ve been thinking about gratitude and mindfulness lately.  This has been spurred on by my ongoing hunger to  enrich 004-Fifine-q75-445x500my prayer life and to be more in the now.  I also had a bit of a health scare last week.  Though we don’t have all the answers yet, it does not look as bad as it did six days ago, and for that, I’m very grateful  (still, I won’t turn away any prayers that are cheerfully offered).   But it did make me stop and think about all that is valuable and beautiful in my life.  I don’t ponder that often enough.

So here’s my idea: once a week, I’m going to sit down and rip off three things that I’m thankful for.  My goal is not to overthink it; just to list three things, from the huge and glorious to the seemingly silly and insignificant.   For example:

1) I’m grateful for my new white rosebush, which seems to be thriving.  Some of the blooms look a bit brown around the edges (thrips, maybe?  Any rosarians out there to help diagnose?), but the fact that there ARE blooms is quite exciting.  Plus their fragrance is heavenly.  Oh, if only I could put a little scratch n’ sniff on this blog, and you could smell for yourself!  (How about it, WordPress?)

2) I’m thankful for time spent with my cousin and her kids, visiting from far far overseas.  We all had dinner today at my parents’ house and the three oldest kids beat the heat by running through the sprinkler and spraying each other with waterguns.   Three decades ago, my cousin and I were probably doing exactly the same thing, in exactly the same spot.

3) I’m grateful for the feeling of crisp clean sheets on the bed.  On a hot night, there’s absolutely nothing better.

So that’s my first three.  More next week!  (or earlier, if the spirit moves me).  And I invite you to do the same, if you are interested … you don’t even need to have a blog.  Just think of three things that you’re grateful for. Guaranteed to lift your mood.