Celebrating the new year with Mary

I’m sitting here with coffee after a great New Year’s Eve at home.  Good friends, Scrabble, Prosecco, much hilarity — it was a pretty perfect evening.

And hey, it’s the start of 2010!  I love the clean slate feeling of New Year’s Day.  I also love that it’s a big celebration of Mary.  Details here.

I’ve also got a new column up at CatholicMom.com, where you can read my take on why this is the perfect day to celebrate Mary’s motherhood.  (HINT: it involves a broken watch and a shattered water glass.  Are you intrigued?)

While you’re there, check out my buddy Sarah Reinhard’s lovely piece about the birth of her daughter on this very day.  Guaranteed to get you all misty.

Happy New Year to you!

Giampetrino (Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli)-xx-Madonna with Child-xx-1520s

Madonna with Child by Giampetrino

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