Christmas Carol Love, Part Two

If you like Christmas carols, remember this name: John Rutter.

And remember this title: The Angels’ Carol.

John Rutter is an English composer and conductor and, in my humble opinion, a genius. His original works and his arrangements of the classics (found on this album, among others) are drop-dead gorgeous. Believe me when I say that “The Angels’ Carol” is one of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard. There’s something about this melody that is just … uplifting. It makes me happy. I know that’s not a particularly profound statement, but it’s the truth. Anything else is superfluous, really.

Anyhow, you can check out this lovely Youtube video and find out for yourself:

By the way, I recognize the angel in the second slide — he ( or she? How can one tell?) resides in Memorial Church at Stanford University. A familiar face! Nice.

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