Big old Oops

Oh, how I love technology… most of the time.

I thought it odd that I hadn’t been getting any comments on this site lately, but I thought: Nahh, it’s the holidays.  People are busy. Who has time to write comments?

And then I realized, with the help of my in-house tech support (otherwise known as my husband), that people couldn’t leave comments.  This was due to some  WordPress problem that is currently Number One on my List of Things to Scowl About (or About Which to Scowl, if you are an old-school English teacher like me).

So I apologize heartily if you spent valuable time crafting a comment that ended up in some limbo of cyberspace.  I know how irritating that is.   Between my efforts and my husband’s, hopefully it will never happen again to you again … not here, at least. And I hereby offer you one of my favorite  paintings as a peace offering.  It has absolutely nothing to do with Mary, but it’s lovely to look at, isn’t it?

La Danse à Bougival by Renoir

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