Cookie competition

When I was young, I — like every other  girl in a five-mile radius from my house — was a  Girl Scout.  This led to some pretty fierce competition when cookie sales began.

Unfortunately, my parents would never do the take-the-order-form-to-the-office thing.  They believed that my sister and I should earn the cookie patch on our own merits.  Actually, I kind of admire them for this.  I suspect that hounding their coworkers to buy Thin Mints would have been much easier than pounding the pavement with two tired girls in beanies.

If only we’d thought to ask for Mary’s intercession:

Girl Scouts

Isn’t this card fabulous?  It’s from Holy Cards for Your Inspiration, a terrific site that does, in fact, give me a LOT of inspiration.  There’s a Boy Scout card, too … check it out.

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