“Daily Inspiration for Women” is here!

The book has arrived — and oh, it looks luverly!


The UPS guy rang the doorbell  just as I was getting ready to go give a presentation to the moms’ group at my childhood parish.  I heard the door open and close and then Scott came into the back of the house, box in hand, with the boys trailing excitedly behind him.

I put down the makeup, sat on the bed, opened the box and pulled out a book.  Oh, it’s so pretty! — the photo doesn’t do it justice.  And it smells so good, too … I could get seriously drunk on that new-book scent.

The boys, catching my enthusiasm, each grabbed a copy and began rifling through it.   After a moment, five-year-old Luke handed it back with the best line of the night.  “I forgot I can’t read,” he said apologetically.

But I can, and what’s cool about this book is that only one-fourth of it is already known to me.  I can’t wait to read what the other three authors wrote, and to make their wisdom a part of my daily prayer routine.

Want to make it a part of your routine?  Daily Inspiration for Women is available at the Loyola Press website, Barnes and Noble.com, and Amazon.com.  It also makes a great holiday gift for the women in your life!

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