Don’t let me anywhere near your household appliances

Previously on this blog, I disclosed the fact that I dislike vacuuming.  I rarely do it, frankly.  Call it my dirty little secret.

But I have finally come to appreciate the value of a good Hoover.

Several weeks ago, I was pushing our heavy blue upright around the living room (guests were coming over, so I had no choice), when all of a sudden I heard a loud and muffled “POOF!”  A cloud of dust suddenly exploded out of the vacuum cleaner and then settled all around it, in the manner of Pig Pen from  Charlie Brown. I also smelled burning.  Very gingerly, I unplugged the vacuum and moved it out to the garage, far away from anything remotely flammable.

“When was the last time you changed the bag?”  Scott asked later that evening, when I showed him the vacuum in exile.

“Ah.  Well, never,” I admitted.

Scott, showing incredible fortitude, withheld comment.   After eight years of marriage, he knows that 1)  I have many skills and 2)  navigating  household appliances is not one of them.

So we were sans vaccuum for several weeks, just long enough for me to long for one again. (Really.  A broom only does so much.)   Scott did some research and asked me how I’d feel about welcoming a cordless upright into our family.

“Does it involve changing bags?”  I asked.

No, it does not.  And it is silvery and sleek and has a nifty little rechargeable battery pack.  It is so light that I don’t have to bark my shins hauling it from room to room.  The cordless feature is pretty sweet, too; no longer do I have to stop, back up, unplug, and find an outlet closer to whichever dust mountain I am leveling at the moment.  Might this change my attitude toward vacuuming?  Very possibly.

Even if it doesn’t, though, I’m good, because Matthew loves the thing.  “Can I use the vacuum?” he will ask eagerly, much as he might ask to watch a cartoon on TV.  He pushes it around the house enthusiastically, with a confident dexterity that belies his almost-four years.  To be honest, in the two weeks we’ve had it, he has used it far more than I.

I think I’ve got a good thing going.

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