Everything about him

Last week, we went to my folks’ house for dinner and the Rose Bowl.  The boys had gotten haircuts a few days before.  Luke’s in particular is very short, almost a buzz cut; it makes his sweet roguish brown eyes stand out even more.

“Don’t you just love his new haircut?” I asked my dad as Lukey ran happily around the family room.

“I love everything about him,” said my dad simply.

That answer really touched me.   It struck me as being exactly what God would say, about each of us.

2 responses to “Everything about him

  1. Absolutely perfect. I just finished “Tattoos On The Heart” which I think you reviewed here a while back (?) and I was so struck by Fr. Boyle’s insistence – and sheer delight in – God’s love and joy for each of us. The image of God just grinning at us, loving us every moment, loving everything about us. Your dad gets it completely.