Finals and stomach flu and rain, oh my

We’re still in the throes of a violent stomach flu around here.  I thought nothing could get worse than cleaning vomit up off of the floor — you know, the Jello-tinged Jackson Pollock vomit that requires you to wipe down all the baseboards in a three-foot radius of the splatter site?  If you’re a mom, you know what I mean.

But this morning, I found that there is something worse: cleaning diarrhea off of the floor.  My narrative will stop there because the goal of this blog is to gain and keep readers, not drive them away.   Let’s just say that it made the treacherous morning commute through water-logged freeways seem like a treat.   Hydroplaning?  Driving 15mph  in a 65 zone?  Woo hoo!  Good times!  But in spite of the weather, I did get to school in plenty of time to give my D period final, so all is well.  I now have thirty-one  in-class essays to grade, which, of course, is why I am sitting here blogging.

But let’s look on the bright side.  I didn’t have to do the morning cleanup effort alone, because my husband, who was pretty ill himself yesterday, was feeling better this morning and able to wield the Swiffer and the antibacterial wipes while I gave Lukey yet another bath.   And the rain, which has been pretty constant lately, let up as I was leaving school after my last final.  There was blue sky, and sun and yes, a rainbow off in the distance.   It was amazingly lovely.  As soon as I got home I took Matthew out for a trike ride, and he was like a little mole climbing out into the sunlight after two days stuck inside.  He drove along happily, on his little red trike with the streamers on the handlebars, pedaling madly down the street.  It was an adorable sight.  It made up for a lot of today’s yuckiness.

That’s the secret, I’m finding: hanging onto those little slivers of grace that appear even in the middle of the yucks, like that rainbow appearing in the clouds.   That’s how we moms weather the storms.

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