Finding God with the senses, Early December edition

Mary with her mantle of snow.

Mary with her mantle of snow.

Finding God in all things?  You betcha.  Here’s how I’ve been glimpsing God’s goodness lately.


We spent Thanksgiving week in upstate New York. So did Winter Storm Cato.  The effects were cold, but dazzling.


I love those winter sunsets … glorious.


You can barely see Otsego Lake out there.  The hills beyond the lake, so green and visible in summer, were totally veiled in mist.  There’s such an austere beauty about a snowy landscape; it’s like nature’s version of a black-and-white photo.   In the lovely book Stillmeadow Sampler, about life in rural Connecticut, Gladys Taber writes, “I do not know why white seems more pure as a color than green or blue, but so it is, and the countryside in winter has a purity we never see in any other season.”  I think she has a point.


The other night, having run out of wine, I cracked open a bottle of Martinelli’s sparkling cider.  And its snappy, apple-y flavor made me recall Christmases as a kid.  It was the treat we’d always have on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; I recall sipping it slowly from one of my mom’s orange juice glasses, savoring it as long as I could.  Those were good times.

IMAG4727 (1)

I’ve been listening to Christmas carols a bunch lately (yes, I know it’s Advent, but that never stops me) and hearing these tunes again for the first time in a year is such a welcome thing.  They remind me of Christmases past; they get me in the right mood for the miracle of Christmas Present.

One of my favorites is the  beautiful carol by John Rutter called “What Sweeter Music.”  This video is terrific because it also shows the lyrics, and the words are almost as lovely as the tune.   The song never fails to move me, even in the middle of the holiday hubbub.  We all need peaceful pauses like this, quiet moments to reflect on the wonder of God becoming man and dwelling among us.

How are you finding God this week?

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