Finding Jesus in everyone

There’s an irony about the Christmas season: it celebrates the birth of the Prince of Peace, and yet it is capable of bringing out the worst of human pettiness and impatience.   Trips to the mall, the grocery store, and the post office turn into excruciating experiences where you fight for a parking space, have to navigate your way through Disneyland-like crowds, and then invariably end up behind the person who is buying fifty small stocking stuffers, each one needing to be wrapped individually in tissue paper.

At times like this, even a Christmas-loving fanatic like me begins to  feed her inner Scrooge.

So I like this new column by Mike Leach, author and editor emeritus of Orbis Books.  It’s a practical set of ways to keep that Scrooge at bay and to remember to see the good in everyone … something that my friend Mary always did instinctively.   And for parents, the article is a great reminder that we really should model kind behavior for our kids.  If they see us exhaling obnoxiously in the checkout line behind the little old lady who is moving at glacial slowness, they will likely grow up to do the same.   But if they see us smile and wish her a happy holiday season and maybe even offer a hand, then we’ll be making a trying moment into a teachable one.

P.S.  Mike wrote a touching guest–post back in September … if you missed it then, check it out!

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