Five nice things that happened today

1) No more stitches for Matthew!  His stint as a juvenile Frankenstein is over.  The doctor predicts that there will not even be a scar (though, frankly, a scar would probably have conferred cool boyish bragging rights on him in years to come).

2) I went to the gym.  (Yes; that IS newsworthy.)

3) In what must be a bizarre subconscious desire to undo #2 above, I just ate three Oreos.  In a row.  And they were good.

4) I was browsing through a thick book of Church documents (you do this in your spare time too, right?) and found a fabulous quotation about Mary — really, it’s beautiful –  which I promise to share in the near future.

5) Jennifer of Studio JRU, an artist with truly beautiful artwork (some of it for sale — check out her site!) has given me the “Love Ya” award! Thanks, Jennifer — right back atcha.

Love_Ya_Award1 1st blog award from Mary @ Piles of Smiles

And yes … I am blogging a lot more these days than ever before.  It’s called being on summer vacation.

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