Four Ways I Can Tell It’s Spring

1.  Peet’s Coffee and Tea, my other home, starts selling their Jasmine Lime tea cooler (for all you non-Peetniks: it’s jasmine green tea mixed with limeade and served over ice, and it is DREAMY).   I do not even want to estimate how much of this stuff I consume between April and October because it would probably horrify me.  Let’ s just say that I have written many an article, chapter, blog posting and journal entry under its sweet spell.

2.  My neighbor brings me sweet peas from her garden.

Too bad the picture can’t capture that absolutely intoxicating fragrance.  (Yes, those are Palm Sunday palms in the background.  Another sign of spring, no?)

3.  Wisteria begins to bloom.  My neighbor has some in her yard; I can see it from my kitchen window, in all its lush purply-periwinkle glory.  I try to gaze at it every chance I can … it fades so fast.

4.  We open the windows.  There’s something so thrilling about having breeze and birdsong come straight into the house.  It seems to signal that winter is really, truly over.

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