Free stuff always helps

No, I haven’t made it to the new Jane Eyre movie yet.  The way things are going around here (illness, schoolwork, life in general), I’ll be catching it on DVD. Heavy sigh.   Have you seen it?  How is it? Do tell.

At least I am now the proud owner of several Jane Eyre bookmarks, pencils, and posters.  One of the perks of being an English teacher is that movie companies flood your department with swag anytime they are releasing a movie that could remotely be considered literary. Focus Features must think that our department is about ten times its actual size;  they sent enough posters to wallpaper an entire bathroom, walls AND ceiling.  (Note to self: ask husband how he likes the idea.)

At any rate, till I get to the film, I’m dreaming big and reviewing Jane Eyre Illustrated. Among other things, it has this gorgeous illustration from the artist Fritz Eichenberg, from the 1943 Random House edition of the novel.  Yes, this is the famous proposal scene, right before the storm comes.

Great stuff.

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