Freezing-cold summer evening grab-bag of randomness

(How’s THAT for an unwieldy title?)

1.  Yes, it’s still chilly here. I have worn flannel pajamas every night since returning from New Hampshire, and from the way the wind is howling outside, I will not be breaking the trend tonight.   The cold summer is a major topic of conversation around here these days.   I don’t think anyone  settles in crowded overpriced earthquake country for weather like THIS .

2.  I think Matthew is starting to understand the concept of states, and countries, and distance.  This morning we were talking about New Hampshire.  “It’s really far away,” he said.

“That’s right,” I told him.

“If you walked there,” he observed seriously,  “it would take a really really long time.”

Thank God for air travel.

3.  I’m currently gloating over the fact that I bought a dress at J C Penney’s today for the paltry sum of $29.99.   It’s really cute, and fits amazingly well, and has enough coverage that I can wear it teaching.  Plus it is washable (huzzah!) and dark enough not to show sweat stains, which, I have learned over the years, is a prerequisite for most teaching attire.   No matter how chilly it has been all summer, it is guaranteed to become sweltering hot the minute that school starts again.   That is how it works.

4.  If you want a little dose of Mary today, you can check out my latest answer on It’s all about being a good son, and about having a great mom.

Off to make some tea (hot — not iced).

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