Friday Evening Grab Bag

1.  I left the house this evening to go grocery shopping (pathetic to go to the grocery store at 9:00 PM, isn’t it?) and was immediately greeted by the smell of woodsmoke.  And zing! — I was suddenly in the holiday mood.  I absolutely adore cold evenings when you can smell a  fireplace in the distance.  It makes me want to curl up by a Christmas tree and listen to some cozy holiday music.  (I won’t, though, until after Thanksgiving.   I believe in giving Turkey Day its due.)

2.  On the whole, I’m glad this week is over.  It’s been Vomitville around here, with both boys apparently having this stomach flu that has been making the rounds.  And I don’ t need to explain that Vomitville is not a nice place to visit.  You really want to get out of there as fast as you can.  Alas, our car has broken down, and we have been stuck  in Vomitville City Center for the last five days.

Okay, now that I’ve beaten that metaphor to death … the good news is that Matthew kept his dinner down, which bodes well.  And even better news: my mother, who is set to babysit tomorrow so that Scott and I can go on a date (a date!  A DATE!) has kindly said that she will watch my boys even if they are sick.   This is further proof that, in the great Lottery of Moms, I hit the jackpot.

3.  Did you know that next week is the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music?  The show opened on Broadway in November 1959.  You can read my homage to Maria and the von Trapps in my new article on (Admit it: you are a fan, too ….)


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