Friday’s random bits

1.  Oh, goodygoodygoody!   I just got the galleys (unpublished review copy) of  Mary Curran Hackett’s novel Proof of Heaven, to be released this fall by HarperCollins!  I am enormously excited to get an advance peek at this book, which deals with themes of motherhood and faith.   Check back in the coming weeks for an interview with Mary herself.   (So many things on my to-do list  in the next few days … must … resist … diving in … )

2. I was cleaning out my desk area (newsworthy in and of itself) and came across this great quotation by E.B. White: “I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time.  Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.”    Boy, I can relate.  The answer, I guess, is to find the job that lets you do both …although even the jobs that are a helluva lot of fun (teaching, writing, and parenting, to name three that I know well!) have periods where they are a helluva lot of yuck.  That’s just life.

3.  I’m still in “aw, shucks, thanks” mode  at having been mentioned on Mike Leach’s blog.  Mike, the publisher emeritus of Orbis Books (and author of the  terrific book Why Stay Catholic?) is giving a shout-out to his favorite Catholic websites/blogs (I was mentioned in connection with  Check it out, and keep going back for Mike’s posts, which offer tasty and deeply satisfying bits of spiritual wisdom.

4.  Every day, when I look in the mirror, I seem to find another gray hair.  Is this happening to anyone else?  My husband swears he can’t see them, which means he is either 1)  more chivalrous than even I could have imagined, or 2) going blind.   I am approaching the crisis point of having to make a decision about whether I will fight them or let them be.  A larger blog post on this very topic will surely be coming soon.

5.  File this under “Moments to remember.”  I was in the car yesterday with two-year-old Luke in the backseat.  Catching his eye in the rearview  mirror, I smiled at him and said, “I … love …”

Before I could get to the “you,” he grinned at me and filled in the blank for himself.  “Mommy,” he said.

You can’t really beat that feeling.

3 responses to “Friday’s random bits

  1. Hi Ginny!
    How is the change in blog name going for you? I have been wanting to do that for a while (My First Year is no longer appropriate.) I’ve been apprehensive that I will lose readers…

    As far as the gray hair goes…I can totally relate (I once mentioned on my blog that I *gasp* had a gray hair sticking out of my nose!!! UGH. I have visions/nightmares of having thin balding gray hair on my head and copious amounts protruding from my nose and ears. As my geriatric nurse/mother says, “Getting old ain’t for wimps.” The magician that does my hair recommended highlights to disguise the pesky strands and I think it worked (for now.)

    Your story about your son reminded me of one of my most treasured mommy moments. I was rocking my toddler to sleep when I was overwhelmed by a feeling of deep love for him. I was looking longingly into his eyes and running my fingers through his curls and he said, “I love you too Mommy.” It reminded me of the scripture that says we love because He loved us first. I think you may have inspired a blog post… That is simply a moment to be savored and shared.

    Speaking of…thanks for sharing!

  2. What a sweet story about your son, Allison! And thanks for your candor in sharing your own gray-hair stories. Your mom is right … getting old definitely ain’t for wimps.

    The blog name change was a bit of a pain, but seems to have happened relatively smoothly. It does help that the automatic redirect takes folks right here if they type in maryandme. I haven’t heard horror stories from readers who can’t get their RSS feed or anything, so (fingers crossed!) it seems to be all systems go. Best of luck as you ponder your own change. (I will say that it was easier than changing my name after I got married … the paperwork that entailed! Sheesh.)

  3. #4. Let me know, I have the same problem.