Global perspectives

I’ve been hearing a lot about Australia lately, probably because of the new movie of the same title. It stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman and appears to be a sprawling romance of the kind I adore. Of course, I have young kids, which means I see one movie every 1.2 years. I have a hunch that when my hubby and I actually arrange for a sitter and escape to the cineplex, he’ll have an easier time convincing me to see the new James Bond than I will convincing him to see the Australian Gone With the Wind.

Anyhow. Check out this beautiful Australian Madonna and Child, called “Our Lady of the Aborigines,” which I found on Holy Cards for Your Inspiration, by way of Sarah’s blog:

I love it. It cracks open my default image of Mary as a European woman in blue and white robes, and reminds me that she is a woman of many faces, races, and cultures. She’s truly the Universal Mother … which is exactly what we need her to be.

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