Gorgeous singing (and no awkward posture this time)

It seems like our local PBS station is always showing Celtic Woman concerts, particularly around pledge drive time.  I find it frighteningly easy to make snarky comments about these shows, mostly because I can never quite get over the way that the women sing in strapless gowns with their shoulders  thrown back and their chests thrust forward, like a figurehead on the prow of a ship.  It must be a very uncomfortable attitude in which to sing.

But underneath all the cattiness, I actually like the music.  I listen to it often in the car and I find certain numbers blissfully beautiful.  Their rendition of “Ave Maria” is one of the most lovely.  This evening, on the feast of Mary’s birthday, I’m listening to it again.  It helped get me to a more peaceful place tonight. I hope it does the same for you.

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