Happy feet

Stop the presses: I got a pedicure.

I owe these terrific toes to my wonderful sister-in-law.  She sent me a salon giftcard for Christmas, and I just got around to using it.  My timing was impeccable, given that we’ve had sandal weather here the last two days.  Instead of hiding these beauties inside my boots, I can put their pink perfection out there on display.  (And how cute are those daisies?  I wasn’t going to get a design, but the lady talked me into it.  I’m glad she did.)

And wow, that was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.  My feet got the deluxe treatment, with paraffin and warm stone rubs and hot towels and who knows what all.  It was phenomenally relaxing.  I learned all about the Vietnamese New Year from the friendly lady who did my nails, and I got to put my feet up (literally!) and let someone else pamper me for a while.  That doesn’t happen often, you know; like all moms, I tend to care for others more than I let others care for me.  In fact, this is only the third pedicure I’ve ever had.  (#1: Day before my wedding; #2: Sister-in-law gift; #3: Sister-in-law gift.  She is a very sweet sister-in-law.)    And I have to say, these pretty nails do give me a lift.  They make my feet feel girly and fun instead of utilitarian and tired.   It’s not yet spring, but I’ve got a definite spring in my step.

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