Mother’s Day, Take Two

So this coming Friday is the Feast of the Assumption. It’s also a Holy Day of Obligation.

To be honest, I’m not nuts about that term. It makes going to Mass sound as appealing as taking a midterm or cleaning the rain gutters. But it’s my experience that when I force myself out of my normal routine and actually do attend Mass during the week, it always ends up being rewarding. Sometimes a little shakeup of the normal schedule, a little dash of something different, can be inspiring.

And it’s a day to honor the Mom of all Moms, Mary. I’m always up for that.

If you are still approaching Friday’s Mass with as much enthusiasm as going to the dentist, try this: think of it as an occasion to reflect on your own mom , or on the woman who has played a mother’s role in your life. Maybe think of three or four specific ways that your life is better because this woman has been in it. In the great cosmic network of interconnected Mom-ness, I have a hunch that Mary gets really happy when we express our thanks for the women who have made us who we are.

And this Friday is a great time to start.

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