Heaven on earth

“There just has to be music in heaven,” an elderly woman I know once told me.  “If there isn’t, I don’t want to go.”

I kind of suspect that there will be.  And I don’t think it’ll be all those harps that you see in the cartoons.  I think it might be people with gorgeous voices singing their hearts out … because honestly, when I hear a really beautiful voice, I feel like I’m already in heaven.

One singer whose voice really moves me is Hayley Westenra, a young soprano from New Zealand.   I love her rendition of Caccini’s “Ave Maria”  It’s really something.  Even if you can only listen to a few seconds, it’s worth it just to hear the gorgeous clarity of her voice.

3 responses to “Heaven on earth

  1. Ginny, that was gorgeous! I loved the song, the voice and the singer was beautiful as well!

  2. “If there isn’t, I don’t want to go.” Too funny! 🙂 Wow… what a stunning voice she has been blessed with! I often wish I could sing… but I am satisfied listening to those with that talent!!

  3. (Mom) Linda Kubitz

    Hayley’s voice is gorgeous, Ginny. Thank you for introducing me to her. Thank you, too, for the link to 3-Minute retreats. I just read the first one and found it very soothing. Lobe, Mom