Hey, slugs! FREE BEER!

Calling all slugs!  Yes, you!  The ones who love to chomp the heck out of my roses!

Come by tonight for some free Budweiser!  It’ll be in several conveniently-placed shallow containers near the rosebushes.  Stop by for a drink, or two, or three, before dinner.  It’s free to the public, so tell your friends … all of your friends ….

And don’t thank us; it’s our pleasure to offer this liquid refreshment to you gratis.  We hope you enjoy the keg party.  Feel free to drink until you drop.



3 responses to “Hey, slugs! FREE BEER!

  1. I use a slug pub too, they dont go for my roses but they love my delphineums!

  2. http://fortysomething-diddleymaz.blogspot.com/ pics of my garden if you want to see . I “met” you via Holycards.

  3. Hi diddleymaz — thanks for visiting!

    I see from your blog that you are from Wales. I was in Wales briefly in 1996 — Bala and Porthmadog. What a lovely country!

    “Slug pub” — I love it! Too bad I don’t offer them darts and music, too.