Holy ground

Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta go garden.


Read more in my latest column: “Holy Ground.”

4 responses to “Holy ground

  1. I loved your column! Your words are so touching… it was like I was there with you in the garden!

  2. Aw, Jennifer, thanks for the warm fuzzy!

  3. Ginny, this was so great! “Return to what grounds us” wonderful word choice! The whole story was awesome! Are you a regular writer for that publication? They are blessed to have you!

  4. Anne, thanks … I do write a monthly column for Catholic San Francisco. It’s called “Of Grace and Sippy Cups,” and it’s about parenting and spirituality (though sometimes gardening creeps in, as it did this month!). I link to the columns here as they are published, so if you like them, keep reading the blog! 🙂