Holy Week, then and now

It is Holy Week, isn’t it?   Honestly, it’s easy for me to lose track these days.  Between Lukey’s vomiting and my own raging cough and cold and the end-of-the-quarter stress,  I have to keep reminding myself that, spiritually speaking,  this week is different from all the other weeks.

It never used to be like this.  I used to be a Holy Week junkie, going to every service I could.  But then — well — I had kids.   One’s observance of Holy Week changes a bit when there are little ones involved.  It becomes less about attending the marathon Easter Vigil and more about looking for little slips of holiness in the midst of daily living.

Three years ago, when Matthew was six months old, I wrote about this transition.   My article “Baby’s First Holy Week” appeared in U.S. Catholic in March 2008.  It’s now on their website; you can check it out here.

Whether you celebrate your Holy Week in a hushed church or in a toy-strewn living room, I hope it’s a blessed one.

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