How did Jack Nicholson get into this blog?

Did you ever see the movie About Schmidt ?  It’s the only film I know that uses Hummel figurines as a way to show the  main character’s emotional development (yes, you did read that correctly).   The fact that the character in question is played by Jack Nicholson makes it all the more intriguing.  Call me crazy, but I don’t normally associate him with cherubic figurines of kids at play.

I loved that part of the movie, though, because I’m pretty fond of Hummels. My mom collects them, so they represent childhood and home to me.  They’re pretty irresistible, with their sweet faces and their kerchiefs and big floppy shoes.

I also love the Hummel Madonnas.  I have one on my dresser,  a Mother’s Day gift from my fabulous in-laws.  She’s the pride of the room.  And if you like sweet pictures of the Holy Family, you’ll love this one:

907 June 15 Hummel H.F.

Every time I see it,  it makes me happy… and I can’t think of a nicer thing for a picture to do.

(Hummel Holy Family courtesy of  Holy Cards for Your Inspiration).

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