How I managed to get Mary and Holden Caulfield into the same post

1.  Happy New Year! Have you made  any resolutions for 2011?  I used to celebrate every New Year’s Eve Day by going to a café with my diary, where I spent a thoughtful few hours taking stock of the year gone by and listing my hopes and dreams for the new one.  It has been a bit harder to manage this since having children, but I did pen a few thoughts the other night.  It was fascinating to see how many of my resolutions had to do with online time management and limiting Internet access to certain times of day.  It’s such a major distraction, really — and I think that other aspects of my life (namely, prayer and family time) will be stronger with a more intentional online schedule and less quick logging on at random times during the day.

That’s my big plan, anyhow!

2.  Are you currently in a book club?  If so, consider making Mary and Me one of your choices for the new year!  Check out the brand-new reading guide questions … they’re in a PDF file, easy to download and print.   The guide is  also a good preview of the book itself.

3.  Today is not just about resolutions and football and hangovers … it’s also about Mary.  I’m reflecting on her today over at It’s a great chance to think about new beginnings, and what Mary offers to us as we navigate life’s new starts.

4.  After J.D. Salinger died last January, I wrote an article on the spiritual lessons of Holden Caulfield, his most famous protagonist  (and one of my favorite literary characters of all time).  If you missed the article in March, it’s being re-run over at BustedHalo as part of their annual Faithful Departed series.

Happy New Year!  I hope that 2011 is a very meaningful and special one for you and yours.

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