How to ditch the grading and take a French vacation

Maybe it’s because of the Oscars, or  because our local classical station has been playing listeners’ favorite soundtracks, but movie music has been on my mind a lot lately.

Grading has been on my mind too, alas.  This past weekend, I was like the Wonder Woman of essay-grading, and the sad fact is that I’m still not done.  Piles  of papers await my attention, and more will be added to those piles this week.  It’s enough to make one count the days until summer vacation.

And since it’s only March, darnit, I’m going to channel the spirit of vacation with a gorgeous two-and-a-half-minutes of movie music.  This is “Les Vacances,” one of the themes from the 1962 movie “Jules and Jim.”  Georges Delerue wrote the score, and it’s wonderfully evocative of carefree summer days.  I was playing it on my computer just yesterday, in fact, when the boys suddenly trotted into the room, drawn by the tune.  “It sounds like an ice cream truck!” said my five-year-old.

So if you want a two-minute escape into a vacation frame of mind, take a listen above. Guaranteed to do you good.

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