I like [Mike and] Ike

1.  Well,  it’s the Memorial Day weekend.  This is a great weekend if  you are a teacher, because it’s a little whiff of the summer vacation that is just sitting out there waiting for you, if you can make it through the next few weeks.  At the same time, it’s a terrible weekend if you are a teacher, because it means that the end of the semester approacheth and your days for procrastinating doing your grading are numbered.  I will be celebrating Memorial Day in the time-honored way: hacking  through dense jungles of projects and papers, armed only with a pen and my own  grim resolve.

2. As I type this, I am eating Mike and Ike candies, which I bought on a rare impulse at the grocery store.  I don’t mind admitting that I am finding them to be really, really good.  Candy snob I am not.

3. This is a lovely image of Mary, isn’t it?  It’s a holycard I bought on eBay a year or so ago.  It’s remarkably soothing to me, during a week that has been filled with grading, some work drama, very sad news from Joplin (oh, those poor people!), and a few rude awakenings by Matthew, who has been getting spooked by vivid nightmares featuring mosquitoes (yes, really).  Our Lady of Peace:

4. Scott just moseyed over to table and picked up the Mike and Ike box  — which, it must be admitted, is now empty.  He looked so crestfallen that I offered him my one remaining Mike (or was it an Ike?  How does one  tell?), as well as a green one that I retrieved from the floor.  He declined both.  (In my defense, it was a very exhausting week, and they are a fat-free food.)

Happy long weekend to all.

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