I like [Mike and] Ike

1.  Well,  it’s the Memorial Day weekend.  This is a great weekend if  you are a teacher, because it’s a little whiff of the summer vacation that is just sitting out there waiting for you, if you can make it through the next few weeks.  At the same time, it’s a terrible weekend if you are a teacher, because it means that the end of the semester approacheth and your days for procrastinating doing your grading are numbered.  I will be celebrating Memorial Day in the time-honored way: hacking  through dense jungles of projects and papers, armed only with a pen and my own  grim resolve.

2. As I type this, I am eating Mike and Ike candies, which I bought on a rare impulse at the grocery store.  I don’t mind admitting that I am finding them to be really, really good.  Candy snob I am not.

3. This is a lovely image of Mary, isn’t it?  It’s a holycard I bought on eBay a year or so ago.  It’s remarkably soothing to me, during a week that has been filled with grading, some work drama, very sad news from Joplin (oh, those poor people!), and a few rude awakenings by Matthew, who has been getting spooked by vivid nightmares featuring mosquitoes (yes, really).  Our Lady of Peace:

4. Scott just moseyed over to table and picked up the Mike and Ike box  — which, it must be admitted, is now empty.  He looked so crestfallen that I offered him my one remaining Mike (or was it an Ike?  How does one  tell?), as well as a green one that I retrieved from the floor.  He declined both.  (In my defense, it was a very exhausting week, and they are a fat-free food.)

Happy long weekend to all.

2 responses to “I like [Mike and] Ike

  1. Our grades were due Friday with two weeks left of school. What to do? Cooperative Learning activities of course!! You will get it all done because you have too. That’s what I always tell myself when backed up in grading : )

  2. Oh, yikes — it’s hard to imagine teaching for the last two weeks before summer without the threat of grades to dangle over the kids’ heads! I hope all goes well and the kids cooperate with their Cooperative Learning. 🙂