I will survive

Well, it’s the last week of the school year.  The final exam period is upon us, and though this isn’t an easy week to be a student, it’s not such an easy week to be a teacher, either.  I’d write a longer entry if I had the mental stamina to do so,  but right now, the old brain is pretty well struggling to keep on top of grading, writing final exams, grading, cleaning out the classroom, and grading.   Am I forgetting anything?  I did mention “grading,” right?

But it’s okay!  Summer awaits!  Just one final push, and I’ll be there … playing with  my kids, writing, gardening, traveling.  Oh, and not grading.

And this is my theme song as I beat my way doggedly through piles of papers and exams.   Whatever you are dealing with in your life right now, I hope this song  offers you a little adrenaline kick, too.

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