I wish we all had this image of God


Last week, when I gave my son a special privilege he hadn’t expected, he was over the moon with joy.

“I’m so happy!” he told me.  “I’m as happy as …. as happy as ….”  He searched for the desired comparison, and found it.  “I’m as happy as God when he sees us having a good time!”



2 responses to “I wish we all had this image of God

  1. You know what I’ve always thought made God happy, was when we notice the little things he sends us — butterflies, roadside wildflowers (Ignatian Spirituality was not a stretch for me). It’s gotta be like that moment you first share something with a small child, like bubbles.

  2. That’s a great comparison, Val. There is such a magic around small children and bubbles (it’s why I love the cover that Loyola Press chose for my book!). 🙂 And seeing the wonder in another person’s eyes is hard to beat.